Mobile First Macon SEO Expert

Today, I will be revealing to the world what has been explained to me as “Mobile First Indexing” by a Macon SEO Expert.

What is the Mobile First Index?

Essentially, you first need to understand what a search engine index is. A search engine index is a list, or index, of all of the websites that a specific search engine such as google, bing, and yahoo are aware of that exists. Google is moving their index of websites into a Mobile First Index.

For years, Google has “crawled” the web and discovered websites from the point of view of a desktop device. A computer. Now, the team at Google has decided that the majority of their users are mobile. Therefore, they want their search engine results page to represent what is going to give the majority of their users, mobile users, the best user experience. This means, instead of crawling the web from the point of view of a desktop device, they will crawl from a mobile device point of view. This will effect the rankings on both mobile and desktop devices. From now on, a huge ranking factor in Google’s algorithm will be if the site is mobile friendly and optimized. If not, the site will not rank as high as one that is, even when searched for from a desktop.

Do I Need To Have A Mobile Site?

Yes. Bottom line at this point in time is that if you do not have a site that is responsive, you better get it to that stage quickly in order to continue to enjoy being listed in the top of Google search engine results.

Are there any specific ranking factor changes I need to know about?

Aside from needing to have a mobile friendly and mobile user optimized website, there is really only one other major ranking factor that is going to be changed after the Mobile First Index goes into full effect.

This change is expandable, or tabbed content. In the past, content hidden behind an expandable tab was not weighed heavily when considering a websites ranking. Moving into the world of mobile use, this will no longer be true. Why? Because Google has realized that tabbed content today is not necessarily purposely trying to hide content in a spammy way, but actually trying to make the page load faster and provide a smoother user experience. And since Mobile is the new name of the game, google will treat content behind tabs the same as any other content on the page.

Hopefully, this article will help local businesses understand where search engine optimization is going and how to benefit from it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Macon SEO Magnum Firm to help you with all your SEO needs!